Monday, August 8, 2011

Tati's Modernist Perfection

Do you ever feel like Madame Arpel from
Jacques Tati's 1958 classic Mon Oncle?

Anyone for a saucer chair?

The good wife bidding farewell to her husband
 from their perfect modernist box and their perfect modernist garden!

The Fish Sculpture Fountain must always be switched on for special visitors!

Built for ultimate 'comfort' must always impress important guests!

Absolute perfection?  Now where do I get my hands on the coloured pebble?

Staircase ... sublime!

I saw this film a number of years ago and was touched not only by Tati's comic genius and wonderful design aesthetic, but also his critique on modern life.

This hysterically charming film illustrates the pitfalls of postwar modernism, the obsession with consumerism, and the constant desire to achieve the ultimate aesthetic.

Oh dear!  Not much has changed and I find myself strangely identifying with this......

words J Watson-Evans
The Decorator

via Youtube, Interior


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