Saturday, December 10, 2011

Reyle Rocks Dior


It had to happen. Berliner art star Anselm Reyle has joined forces with fashion house Dior in the creation of the Reyle Collection.

I was laying in bed thinking about what I wanted to blog after being away for some weeks, and I immediately thought about the colourful works of artist Anselm Reyle.  
Apart from having a fascination with the decorative pop style of his works and having the desire to do my own version of them...
(It couldn't be that hard could it?????????)
I see them as being the ultimate in decorator art....
I wondered which angle would give me another opportunity to talk about this contemporary German artist?

When I checked my emails that morning, there it was, a link to the Reyle Collection by Dior.


The video on the site has to be seen.  What a hoot!  
Reyle, stuck up a ladder, overseeing the pouring of wonderful thick paint, so delicious you almost feel compelled to reach into the screen and scoop up the cascading medium as it drips off the camo edged work table. 
His 'factory' workers there to accommodate his every need.

 Cut ups of sample fabrics in neon and metallic with the imagined 'jingle jangle' of plexiglass triangles, interspersed with a pouting, thoughtful Reyle eyeing off and playing with his creations.

  Re-imagined Lady Dior handbags appearing as camouflaged effects among the well appointed floor to ceiling shelves of Reyle's multi-coloured paint repository.

The driving motif of camouflage throughout the bags, shoes, accessories and limited edition makeup, whilst a touch predictable, works as the perfect segue to the army of modern Kardashianesque young women who sport the Dior logo in droves. The familiarity of the graphic almost certain to be comforting, appealing, and oh so desirable!

As part of the recent Art Basel Miami
in a perfect post Warholian gesture,
the first ever Christian Dior pop up took hold of an ideal commercial opportunity and revealed the collection to the glitterati amidst a sea of Reyle camo art motif.

I immediately ran to my nearest Christian Dior counter
 (in Australia) to purchase at least the nail colour and co-ordinating eye shadow palette, only to be told that they had never heard of this particular artist and knew nothing of it!!

Stay tuned for further info regarding possible release down under (if any) or overseas stockists.

Dior pop up Art Basel Miami

Even the catering truck gets the Reyle treatment in Miami

finished detail of the painting in progress in the video for the pop up store

Nail colour by Reyle

Pop up launch Miami
Words J Watson-Evans

images via
 NY Times Blog;  White Wall; Dazed Digital;;;;


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