Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Beverly Hills Hotel: Tropical Modern

Back in 2009 my family and I visited the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel, and witnessed something which has stood the test of time.  As you walk towards the Polo Lounge where Richard Gere and Lauren Hutton so memorably first lay eyes on each other in 1980's American Gigolo, you are inextricably pulled like a magnet towards the curved staircase which leads to one place.
This icon of the 20th Century, which has been in situ since the 1940's
 at the Beverly Hills Hotel, 
and is part of the decor leading down the stairs and inside the small deli style eatery, 
with its curved bar and wrought iron stools, 
where infinite intimate burgers, fries, Caesar salads, 
all day breakfasts, and anything which comes under the banner of classic American cuisine,
 have been enjoyed daily since the Hollywood hey day, 
so intimate that eaves dropping on the various conversations taking place
 around the bar, is truly unavoidable.....

conversations that seem to centre around who directed what and how the latest screenplay is going,
 and what project has been green-lit......

but there is one thing which cannot be ignored....

something which evokes for me such an incredible feeling of nostalgia, well being, and desire.....

something which continues to be relevant.......

something which is now experiencing somewhat
 of a hot revival........

something which we have glimpsed from time to time again in the decor of a few of our bravest and
more interesting taste makers.....

something which has now found its way to the cover of the latest catalogue of
 New York's Bergdorf Goodman.....

I am of course speaking of the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel Banana Leaf wall paper........  
What can I say about this which probably has not been said by so many before me? 
 And I know some of my fellow decor addicted bloggers have acknowledged this amazing
piece of 20th Century iconography,
and it would be remiss of me to not mention the Golden Girls connection...
yes Blanche had the wall paper behind her bed and matching banana leaf fabric!
I think it's the recognition of the popularity of terms such as:

Palm Springs Modern; Tropical Modern; Miami Modern; 
Palm Beach Modern; Tropical Vintage

Bergdorf catalogue

The Fountain Room

Nikki Hilton's dining room

Stairway to Heaven!

It just makes me feel good!!!!!  And it will never go out of fashion!!  

Posted by The Decorator

words by
J Watson-Evans


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